How to use Gmail’s powerful features for Sales & Marketing

It is a pretty well-known fact that Gmail is definitely one of the most popular email providers, especially in the world of business. Ever wondered why? Ever thought about what is there in Gmail that apparently no other email provider seems to have? 

Here is why the business world loves Gmail – they have amazing Add-ons that other email provider does not have. One of the most important sectors of business world is the sales and marketing department. They have to be extremely productive and alert.

So here is an article on how you can use a few Gmail features for sales and marketing. 

  1. Canned Responses- This feature of Gmail basically allows you to send an already formatted email content. This saves you time while you are writing emails that are very similar as you do not have to type in the entire content one after the other by using canned responses. They are basically templates you can use while sending same type of emails, saving your time and energy. If you are part of Sales and Marketing, this could help you send a lot similar emails in a short span of time. 
  2. Shared Contacts for Gmail – You can use gmail to share contacts between users.


How to use canned responses: 

Go to “settings”and choose“Labs” (in top menu). Go to“canned responses”and type in the email you want to set as the template. Tap on the arrow on the bottom write of the box. Select “canned response” and click on the “new canned response” option. Name the canned response. 


  1. Gmail labels- This option in Gmail allows the user to have an organize email set up. It helps to user to group similar emails together under a particular label. Labels can also have sub labels. Gmail allows the user to have a maximum of about 5000 labels in an email id. Sales and Marketing people can use this organize their mails into different labels, making their work more organized and easier. 


How to use Gmail labels: 

On the left side of your Gmail window, tap on the “more” option. You will see an option named “labels”. Click on that and select “create new labels”. Give a name to your label and choose a color. Now select “create”. 


  1. Priority Inbox- This is probably one of the most useful features that Gmail provides. This option separates important incoming emails from the rest. This means it will sort out the emails that need your attention more than others. It is very useful when you have loads of mails but only limited time as you can chose the important ones easily. 

            How to use priority inbox: 

Go to “settings” in Gmail. Go to “inbox” and select “priority inbox”. Make your changes and save them. 

And those are some of the wonderful features that Gmail provides that you will not be able to find in any other email provider. It is no wonder Gmail is the most preferred email provider when it comes to business people and entrepreneurs. So go ahead and check them all out!

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